Relaxation Massage

relaxing massage gold coastOur relaxation massage (Swedish massage) involve the therapist using smooth, flowing massage techniques to manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the body. Relaxation massage enhances the well-being of the entire person by relieving stress and improving circulation and movement of lymph fluids throughout the body.

Earth therapies relaxation massage has both physical and mental benefits for the client.

Some of the physical benefits include:

  • Reduced stress levels and relief from muscle tension and soreness.
  • Improved circulation of blood and lymph fluids within muscle and soft tissues.
  • Strengthening of the immune system.
  • Promotes healthy, nourished skin.
  • Quality of sleep is improved.

Mental benefits of Earth therapies relaxation massage include:

  • Relief from anxiety and mental stress.
  • Cultivates a perfect sense of well-being.
  • Encourages a relaxed state of mental alertness.
  • Promotes awareness of the mind-body connection

Earth therapies relaxation massage utilises five styles of long, flowing massage strokes. These include;

  • Sliding/gliding
  • Kneading
  • Rhythmic tapping
  • Friction
  • Vibration/shaking.

Our therapists recommend relaxation massage for people who suffer from pain or stiffness within the joints, improved functioning of people with osteoarthritis, and anyone wanting to reduce their overall levels of stress and increase their sense of well-being.

Our Aim!

We pride ourselves on high quality service and treatments. The majority of our work is word of mouth, this is important to us at Earth Therapies as we set high standards and always adhere to our principles of providing the best service and treatments possible.

Health is most important to us. We are a result driven clinic. We aim to help release pain or discomfort, restriction in the body or to release emotions.

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Our Staff

Katharine is the owner / operator of Earth Therapies. She has had over 9 years experience in the Massage and Beauty Industry worldwide working with high standards in 5 star day spas and health retreats.

Jaqueline believes we all have the ability to heal ourselves. She uses an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body.

Liana, Having moved to the Gold Coast from the tropical town of Port Douglas she brings a wealth of experience having worked in the massage and 5* spa industry for over 10 years.

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